Children who apply the 5 powers perform high at school!

Click in the links below to show your kids what the 5 powers are all about:

1. The Power of Embracing Challenge 

2. The Power of Making Mistakes 

3. The Power of Yet 

4. The Power of Persistence  

5. The Power of Positive Internal Talk

Let’s give girls experiences to believe STEM is for them!

What is Kids’ Vision?

Kids’ Vision is an educational start-up (501c3) that helps female students in 3rd to 5th grade acquire the growth mindset skills required to learning STEM subjects and perform well at school. Our way to help students is through collaboration with, and coaching by, high-tech employees who volunteer as STEM activities instructors.


Our programs’ mission is to: a) help students adopt the growth mindset skills required to learning STEM subjects and perform well at school; b) provide students with role models: professionals with STEM jobs; c) offer students hands-on STEM activities to practice their growth mindset skills; d) empower students’ parents with tools to help their children develop skills needed to learn STEM subjects.


Contribute to closing the gender gap in STEM fields by breaking down the stereotypes with regards to STEM, giving students experiences to believe STEM is for them, and empowering parents to nurture at home the development of skills needed to do STEM work well.


Why Kids’ Vision?

By the time the average girl starts middle school she has a heavy bag of stereotypes, negative experiences and beliefs regarding Math. That is why we serve girls in 3rd to 5th grades, before their beliefs in limited ability become engraved in their vision of themselves.  

It is difficult for a girl to be interested in something she doesn’t know exists, or believes is just for men. Low income girls have limited access to role models of women in STEM. That is why we partner with high-tech companies, so that our girls can meet the women and men in those companies who become mentors and role models for our girls. 

Many girls become interested in STEM subjects when they are able to do hands-on STEM activities and see the diverse applications of STEM. That is why our program offers girls STEM activities that show them how the STEM they are learning at school is being used to create high-tech products, and how those products are making a difference in people’s lives.

Many parents want to help their kids do well at school, but few know how. That is why we offer parents workshops, during which parents acquire the tools to model a growth mindset to their children, so they can embrace the challenge of preparing for college.