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Jo Boaler Talks About Kid's Vision

Rocket Fuel Gives Back & Kids Vision STEM Program

Kids’ Vision’s Mission

We aim to provide girls in 3rd to 6th grade the skills and knowledge that will help them to deal with the gender filters that keeps them from STEM. We aim at helping girls: a) adopt a growth mindset early in life before their beliefs in limited ability become engraved in their vision of themselves; b) meet role models and learn what STEM jobs women are doing and what STEM careers they are studing; c) learn how the STEM they are learning at school is being used to do high tech products and how those products are making a difference in people’s life; d) empower parents to help girls develop skills needed to do STEM work.

Kids’ Vision addresses the main causes that keep most of our girls from pursuing STEM related careers:

Kids’ Vision is a nonprofit organization, and we are unique in many ways:

-We develop our own activities with the participation of high tech employees. For example, our Math activities at Tesla Motors show girls how Tesla uses fractions, estimation, geometry, algebraic thinking, and data and measurement to protect the environment.

-We work with high tech employees who act as mentors and role models for our girls. Since our activities aim at showing how STEM is applied to improve the life of people, the best people to facilitate those activities are the ones with experience applying STEM in real life. We mentor our mentors.

-Kids’ Vision favors the participation of low income participants and girls who can benefit from our program regardless of their ethnicity or income. We ask teachers to participate in our selection process.

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