Let’s give girls experiences to believe STEM is for them!

Why Kids’ Vision?

Kids’ Vision is a powerful booster that helps girls develop confidence, interest and knowledge in STEM, and the motivation to work hard at school.  


Many parents want to help their kids do well at school, but few know how. That is why we offer parents workshops were they acquire the tools to role model a growth mindset to their children, so they can embrace the challenge of preparing for college.


To nurture what girls and parents accomplished at our programs,           we partner with schools, and other nonprofits to offer girls daily homework support, leadership skills and workshops to help the       family prepare for college.




By the time the average girl starts middle school she has a heavy bag of stereotypes, negative experiences and beliefs regarding Math. That is why we serve girls in 3rd to 5th grade, before their beliefs in limited ability become engraved in their vision of themselves. It is difficult for a girl to be interested in something she believes is just for men or something she doesn’t know exists. Low income girls have limited access to role models of women in STEM. That is why we train high tech employees to work with these girls to bring about change. 

 How to help?


– Helped 478 girls to develop confidence, interest and the skills to perform high in STEM subjects

– Helped 240 parents learn best practices in Math education and growth mindsets

– Mentored 120 high tech employees to facilitate STEM activities to help girls develop their confidence, interest and skills to do STEM

– Offered daily homework support and leadership skills development to our girls and college readiness information to our parents, thanks to our partnerships

Metrics before the Kids’ Vision program 

Metrics after the Kids’ Vision program 


Kids’ Vision is dedicated to improve STEM learning and academic achievement for girls in 3rd to 5th by applying research-based practices by: a) helping girls adopt a growth mindset early in life before their beliefs in limited ability become engraved in their vision of themselves; b) providing girls with role models with STEM jobs; c) showing girls with STEM activities how the STEM they are learning at school is being used to do high tech products and how those products are making a difference in people’s life; d) empowering girl’s parents with tools to help their children develop skills needed to do STEM work, and fostering parent involvement in their kids’ education. 


Kids’ Vision has partnered with schools, Girls on the Run and Young Dreamers to help girls stay on track at school with leadership programs and daily help with homework. Kids’ Vision has partnered with Innovate Public Schools to offer parents information on academic requirements needed in elementary, middle and high school to be ready for college. Kids’ Vision partners with high tech employees to provide girls with role models of women in STEM. 

 Strategic Investors