History & Team

The story of the foundation of Kids’ Vision is the story of a girl who in second grade believed she was not a Math person. It is also the story of her mother who decided to do something about those beliefs: she decided to found Kids’ Vision. Kids’ Vision was founded by Maria Célérier in 2013 and started operations in April 2014. Kids’ Vision was granted the 501c3 status in April 2015. Alicia Aguirre, Mark Livingston, and Guillermo Cockrum are founding board members.

Board Members  

Alicia Aguirre was the first mayor of Mexican origin in Redwood City, where 80% of the school population is Hispanic, from 2011-2013. She has served as a Council Member since 2005 and as a professor at Cañada College since 1988. In 2013 Alicia was awarded the ”Ohtli” Award by the Mexican Government, the highest honor bestowed on a member of the Mexican or Mexican-American community. Alicia’s career is emblematic of a new generation of Latina women participating in public life in California. Through politics and teaching, in community life and as a mother, Alicia has been instrumental in empowering Mexican-Americans, Latinos and other new Americans so they can participate fully in the communities where they live.

Monica Blanco serves as Administrative Business Partner at Google. Monica is a true leader of our community; with clear vision and hard work she has been empowering Latino girls in elementary grades, and their parents, with STEM education and growth mindsets.

Erin Sawyer is Purchasing and Supply Chain Executive at Wrightspeed. Erin obtained her MBA at Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management. She is an accomplished leader in non-profit organizations whose mission is aligned with encouraging young women to enter careers in STEM, and promoting the full potential of professional women in careers as engineers and leaders.

Guillermo Cockrum is Business Development Director at InsideVault. Guillermo obtained a double BA in Economics and Mathematics at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, and a MBA at Stanford University. Experienced in negotiations, competitive intelligence, team formation and people development.

Maria Célérier, founder of Kids’ Vision, obtained a Master of Business Administration at HEC-Paris and a Bachelor of International Relations at the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla. Her job experience in the Bay Area has been focused on helping children, youth and adults to improve their lives through education–at Renaissance helping adults to start their own businesses, at JobTrain helping youth to graduate from high school and to find jobs, and at Kids’ Vision empowering girls to learn STEM.

Mark Livingston is the President & CEO of PrimaPharma and is one of Kids’ Vision’s founding board members.