A Young Nonprofit Organization

Kids’ Vision started operations on April of 2014. Kids’ Vision was granted the 501c3 status on April 2015.


Kids’ Vision was born when Ana, María Célérier’s daughter, shared with her mother that she didn’t liked Math because it was boring. Ana founded it boring because she was under the impression that Math is all about operations and procedures. María understood how detrimental and difficult it could be for a child to learn Math thinking that way. It was then that María started to read research done on Math Education, particularly Jo Boaler’s and Carol Dweck’s research. Motivated by what research showed, María tried to find a nonprofit that would show Ana the interesting side of Math, while helping her develop a growth mindset. María couldn’t find it, that is when she decided to create one.

María shared with Alicia Aguirre, Mark Livingston, and Guillermo Cockrum her idea and they worked together to make Kids’ Vision a reality.



Google: Special recognition to Monica Blanco for her support and commitment to our program. Monica’s involvement in Kids’ Vision has made possible for Kids’ Vision to offer summer camps on 2017.

Visa: Special recognition to Kalpana Jogi for her support and commitment to our program. Kalpana’s involvement in Kids’ Vision has made possible to improve the service our organization gives to the community. Specifically, it was thanks to her that we were able to offer parents a workshops on 2016 and 2017, and to offer summer camps on 2017.


Visa: Special recognition to Kalpana Jogi for her support and commitment to our program.


Marvell: We acknowledge the leadership role that Weili Dai and Peter Hoddie have played in the community by investing time and funds in our program.

Visa: Special recognition to Patty Dingle for her support to our program.

Tesla Motors: Appreciation to Erin Brooks, Rosie Mottsmith, and Shauna Cort for offering our participants fun and educational experiences in STEAM at Tesla’s headquarters.

Mozilla: Special recognition to Lissa Menge and Jim Cook for hosting the program at Mozilla’s headquarters.


Rocket Fuel: We acknowledge Rocket Fuel for being the first high tech company to fund Kids’ Vision. We appreciate the support of George and Vida John.

Partnerships with Other Nonprofits

The partnership between New Teacher Center and Kids’ Vision was established in 2013 to provide training for our mentors. The New Teacher Center (NTC) is a national nonprofit organization in the U.S. dedicated to strengthening the practice of beginning teachers.


Kids’ Vision has designed most of the exercises offered during our programs with the help of our mentors (high tech employees).