Kids’ Vision’s History

The story of the foundation of Kids’ Vision is the story of a girl who in second grade believed she was not a Math person. It is also the story of her mother who decided to do something about those beliefs: she decided to found Kids’ Vision. At Kids’ Vision the story of this girl changed, because she learned about Carol’s Dweck’s research, and understood that she was not born with limited abilities, and that her brain is like a muscle: the more she practices and embraces challenges, the smarter she becomes. At Kids’ Vision she also met many role models-mentors (professional women and men from the high tech industry) who shared with her how they made it to college and how they got their current jobs. Although each mentors had a different story, they all had something in common: a growth mindsets. At Kids’ Vision she team up with her mentor to do STEM activities that portray real products that improve people’s lives. At Kids’ Vision many girls have had that same experience. 

A Young Nonprofit Organization

Kids’ Vision was founded by Maria Célérier in 2013 and started operations on April of 2014. Kids’ Vision was granted the 501c3 status on April 2015. Alicia Aguirre, Mark Livingston, and Guillermo Cockrum are founding board members.