For a video of our Summer Camp 2017 click here.

Images of our Summer Camp 2017

Project Loon team member is showing Monse how to play the game where girls learn how Project Loon High Altitude Balloons send internet signal to people who live in remote places in the world.

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Project Loon team member is working with Isabel on how to achieve buoyancy with her Project Loon High Altitude Balloons prototype.

Girls and mentors using design thinking to solve problems.
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Monse tearing down a brand new Cisco router to discover how routers work.


Nalani seeing the inside of a router and learning how each component works for the first time in her life.


Nalani and other girls from Half Moon Bay are being mentored by two mentors from Cisco.


 Mentor from Visa working in team with girls from East Palo Alto to build a functioning wind engine from recyclable material.

Mentor from Visa works with girls to solve a problem using design thinking.


Mentors from Visa share with girls how they developed their growth mindset.



Mentor from Google working in team with girls to build a prototype of alternative incubator created by Stanford Students to save the lives of premature babies in Bhutan.



Places will be given on the basis of first-come, first-served. Request a registration package via email, contact us at Please send your registration forms filled out and signed with your check to: Kids’ Vision, 355 Portola Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028.

 Scholarship & Cost

Girls who qualify for free or reduced hot lunch at school qualify with us for a full scholarship. To verify income we request you send us a copy of the letter sent by school districts to inform you that your daughter qualifies for free hot lunch or reduced hot lunch.

Our program has a cost of $675 for girls who don’t qualify as low income. Please make checks payable to Kids’ Vision. We are offering scholarships to have majority of participants be low income participants, however some of the companies participating are not donating funds to make this program possible, that is why we hope that non-low income participants will help with the cost.

Payment & Refund Policies

1) Payment: You must pay for workshop at the time of registration.

2) Refunds: There are no refunds after the first hour of session.

3) Late Registration: If you would like to register after the first hour of workshop, you may do so if there is space available. We do not pro-rate cost for late registrations.

Parent’s Workshop 

Stanford Professor Carol Dweck’s research shows that a growth mindset leads to higher academic achievement. Dweck says: “No parent thinks, ‘I wonder what I can do today to undermine my children’s learning abilities.’ Yet many of the things they do and say often send the wrong message.” Dweck’s research also shows that parents can have a powerful impact on their kids’ mindsets. Kids learn how to behave by imitating others. Kids’ Vision offers parents workshops, in Spanish and English, to help them become mindful their own thinking and of the messages they send with their words and actions. During our workshop parents learn how to model a growth mindset at home, and help their kids develop one.