Kids’ Vision is Community Collaboration to Expand the Workforce Pipeline by Showing Girls and Parents that STEM is for them! Sponsor a girl. Click here.

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Kids’ Vision’s Mission

We aim to provide girls in 3rd to 5th grade the skills and knowledge that will help them to deal with the gender filters that keeps them from STEM. We aim at helping girls: a) adopt a growth mindset early in life before their beliefs in limited ability become engraved in their vision of themselves; b) meet role models and learn what STEM jobs women are doing and what STEM careers they are studying; c) learn how the STEM they are learning at school is being used to do high tech products and how those products are making a difference in people’s life; d) empower parents to help girls develop skills needed to do STEM work.

Online Math Courses For Elementary Students

Online math courses for elementary students provide an excellent way for kids to master math concepts. However, parents and students alike should be careful in choosing the best online math classes. There are several factors to consider, including the course's curriculum, support for students, and ease of use. The best online math classes for kids are geared toward active learning. These courses include a variety of interactive activities, assessments, and videos. They also provide a number of printable worksheets for each topic. In addition, most online math programs offer quarterly or monthly subscriptions.

Another option is a live tutoring service. This approach provides more convenience for both parents and students. It's possible to find an instructor through a variety of online sources, and students can also watch videos with their parents. If a tutor isn't available, however, a parent may choose to hire an instructor.

One of the more popular online math programs for elementary students is Mathletics. Tutors work with students individually or in small groups to help them master mathematics. Students can choose from a range of topics, including algebra, trigonometry, and geometry.

The program's student tracking system allows parents to monitor their child's progress. Tutors also provide custom learning plans and use proprietary teaching techniques. The lessons at Brighterly Math are tailored to help kids succeed in school. The curriculum includes a basic math concept lesson, followed by a lesson on more advanced concepts. Kids can practice their skills with mobile games, mini-games, and a learning game.

Math Worksheets For Kids

Creating 5th grade multiplication worksheets can be a fun and rewarding experience. Teaching our students the basics of multiplication is an important part of their educational development, and when done in the right way, it can have a lasting positive impact on their learning progress.

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Kids’ Vision shares with girls the skills and knowledge that can booster their academically performance, interest and inspiration in STEM. The girl in the left of the image represents a girl who has been in our program. The girl in the right represents many of our participants before they start our program.


Home is the place where girls spend most of their time after school. During our program girls receive a powerful positive booster about their vision of their own STEM abilities, and what they could do in the future with those abilities. Kids’ Vision show parents how to nurture those powerful seeds planted during the program. How to continue to develop growth mindsets, which are crucial to high academic performance and STEM work, and how to keep stimulating their daughters with STEM activities to show them that STEM is for them too. Here below an image of before and after parents participate in our program, with examples of some of the tools they lack and are able to acquire when joining Kids’ Vision.





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