Who we serve & why

Captura de pantalla 2014-08-04 a la(s) 13.07.15Mathematics is the gateway to Science, Technology and Engineering any many girls struggle with Mathematics. They don’t think it’s interesting…but what if they change the way they see Mathematics? We think they’ll improve their academic performance, don’t you? 

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Girls hear that boys are better at Mathematics and Science…but what if they knew that girls learn Mathematics in a different way than boys do, girls need to know why the procedures they are being taught work, where they came from, and how they connect? Maybe girls would not lose interest in Mathematics and would be prepared to choose careers in STEM.

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Children hear that Mathematics is a gift people are born with and that certain groups (girls, Hispanics, etc) don’t have that gift…but what if they knew that Mathematic skills can be developed, and that the brain forms new connections every time a child learns? Maybe girls would not be discouraged from cultivating their Mathematic ability.

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Children learn early that their Mathematic ability is judged by their performance on tests, and if their initial grades are poor, they can convince themselves that they are not good at Math…but what if they were taught that learning from mistakes is one of the best ways to learn, and that the best mathematicians and scientists in the world use failures to succeed? Maybe children would stop being paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes, and be able to stay on track early in their education.

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Children learn Mathematics with little connection to reality…but what if they didn’t need to leave their common sense behind to learn…what if they learned how companies are using Mathematics to do real business? Maybe children would look forward to studying in technical fields that involve Mathematics, knowing that they are entering a realm in which common sense and real-world knowledge are needed.

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We hear about the economic and social benefits of having diversity in our community, and we know that enrolling students of different races in a school is not enough to attain diversity…but what if students were able to participate in after school activities that encourage them to communicate and collaborate? Maybe this would reduce racial prejudices and increase positive educational outcomes.

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We know that 30% of Silicon Valley’s population is Hispanic, and we learn that 1 out of 4 Hispanic high school students in Silicon Valley, drop out…but what if we try to remove hurdles for the Hispanic girls so they are able to pursue careers in STEM? Maybe their participation in the high tech industry would become more significant. 

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We hear that girls are less interested in leadership than boys, because when they take the initiative to lead they are called bossy and they don’t want to be disliked…but what if we encourage them to lead, what if we help them to perform well academically and inspire them to believe that they can choose to study any career that they set their minds and hearts on? Maybe they would be able to navigate careers in STEM and become leaders in the professions they choose.